IBE Wellness Summit with Andrew Carruthers

IBE Wellness Summit with Andrew Carruthers

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IBE Wellness Summit: Personal expansion for success in and out of the salon.

Working in this industry can be an emotional drain that halts our ability to grow. The stylists who can find mental clarity, purpose, and focus are those who continue to rise to the top.

Join us on this 3-month course that can be considered a boot camp for your mind, body, and soul. This course includes 12 sessions, 6 of which are live Zoom trainings with Andrew.

All courses are viewed in the IBE Stylist App, and live Zoom training's will be Tuesdays at 6pm MST.

May 18th Creating our Diving Rods- Developing an internal guidance system to help us make decisions that support our most authentic self

June 1st Adopting a Lifestyle of Harmony- Daily practices to find personal alignment and reduce stress

June 15th Tapping into the Body's WisdomStrategies to bring you back into the present moment and reducing anxiety

June 29th Compassionate CommunicationIdentify your unique communication style and learn how to be in harmony with others

July 13th Physical FoundationsCreating better foundations and learn how to avoid the greatest occupational hazards for hairdressers

July 27th Honoring your Unique SelfNavigating social media and industry molds while showing up as your most authentic self